lunedì 5 gennaio 2015


As a roman swingdancer, I am very pleased to propose this central holiday apartment for rental, located in Vatican area, at a special price to the lindyhoppers coming to Rome for the 2nd Roma Lindy Exchange.
4 nights stay,  4-8 june 2015, 2 people, total price 360,00 euros all included.

For further info do not hesitate to contact me at
For further info  about the Roma Lindy Exchange please visit:

En autant une swingdanceuse romaine, je suis heureuse de proposer cet appartement à un prix spécial aux lindyhoppers qui viendront à Rome pour le 2nd Roma Lindy Exchange.
Offre 4 nuiteés, 4-8 juin 2015, 2 personnes, prix 360,00 euros, tout compris.
Pour plus des reinsegnements n'hesitez pas d'ecrir à
Pour les reinsegnements sur le Roma Lindy Exchange SVP visitez:

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